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I love and appreciate my sister. As hard as it can be to understand what she may go through, I am inspired by her on the daily and her efforts do not go unnoticed. 


One of my goals when assisting with this book was get people to become more empathetic and bring unapologetic love for people with disabilities and people who are developmentally delayed. At school when you see people with disabilities they can often be closed off and shy away from attention. This can be very common and you should after encourage them to be social and stay positive around them. Make sure to stay involved and loving towards your family disabilities or not and treat everyone the same.



A note from "TIKA"...

“Overcoming” by Terrise Washington

Sometimes it can be difficult to overcome challenges during everyday life, but what I’ve learned is that if you work hard, believe in yourself, and never give up then you can accomplish anything.

I started working on the “R” sound and learning new words from a young age and this helped me to communicate with others, which eventually built up my confidence and experience with overcoming obstacles in my everyday life. It wasn’t easy for me to learn these things, but with some hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset, I was able to do anything that I put my mind to. This all started with receiving speech therapy and having teachers helping me with learning from a young age. Even at this age, I felt my teachers, speech therapists, and counselors helped me to believe in myself, even when learning new things was a challenge for me. I also have to thank my family for always supporting me and helping me to learn new things too. They all have helped me to believe that I could be successful and that no matter how difficult things were that I could do anything I put my mind to.

Due to COVID-19, I have had to overcome even more challenges like not being able to socialize with friends or to learn in person. Despite this being another challenge, I have worked hard on my Google Classroom assignments and feel blessed to have my teachers, therapists, and family to support me when I need the extra help, confidence boost, or even just some extra emotional support.

Overall, what I want to say to everyone is that even when things are hard or when you feel discouraged or frustrated, know that you are strong and your hard work and effort will pay off in the end. My challenges do not define me and you should not let them define you either. 



Terrise turned 22 years old in 2021 and will completing her last year at Tiegerman H.S. in Queens N.Y. She is not sure what the future holds. But knows she will have the support of her family especially her brother!


A note from "OLLIE"


Omauri is a HS senior. He will be attending St. Johns University. He decided to stay close to home because he wants to be able to support Terrise emotionally as they both enter a new phase in their growth.

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